It’s time to take care of your body and you will enjoy greater benefit from your home spa treatments. Regular body care makes it easier for your system to detox. This will make your body more receptive to the therapeutic effects of revitalizing nutrients and oils in your every diet and in the treatments and therapies you use as part of your spa program.

Detox Your Skin – Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is one of the most gentle forms of massage. It’s works on the lymph system, and since lymph vessels are close to the surface there is no need for heavy pressure. The lymphatic system of the body is a secondary circulation system which supports the work of the blood circulation. The lymphatic system has no heart to help pump the fluid around the vessels, and therefore it must rely on the activity of muscles to aid movement.

Lymphatic massage involves using sweeping, squeezing movements along the skin. The action is always directed towards the nearest lymph node. The main nodes used when treating the foot are located in the hollow behind the knee. Lymphatic drainage massage is hugely beneficial in helping to eliminate waste and strengthen the body’s immune system. It is useful exercise to perform on your detox day.

  1. To improve lymphatic drainage to the feet and legs, try a daily skin “brush” using your fingertips. Begin by working on the thing. This clears the lymphatic channels ready to receive the lymph flood from the lower legs. Briskly brush all over the thigh from knee to top, three or four times.
  2. Work on the lower leg in a similar way. Brush either side of the leg from ankle to knee, then treat the back of the leg. Follow this by brushing along the top of the foot, continuing up the front of the leg to the knee. Brush over each area twice more, making three times in total.

Detoxifying Massage

Detoxifying massageBody massages are generally restorative and healing, but here is one with particular cleansing qualities. Add 1 drop of fennel and 2 drops juniper essential oil  to 15 ml/ 1 tbsp almond oil. Rub the oil into your skin with your fingertips, using a circular movement. Better still, lie down on a towel and ask someone to do it for you. Both fennel and juniper oils have detoxifying, purifying properties. Focus on those areas of cellulite, it should help.